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Re: Daniel Craig : 007

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PaulinLondon wrote:
19 Aug 2017, 21:09
The number of times I have watched James Bond films :

Sean Connery's films : At least ten times each.

George Lazenby's one film : At least ten times. OHMSS is a superb film and of all the 007 films, it most closely follows the novel of the same name.

Roger Moore's films : About six times each.

Timothy Dalton (appalling) : About twice each.

Pearce Brosan's outing as 007 : About three times each.

Daniel Craig to date : At least five times each apart from Quantum of Solace (twice).
Madge's Secret Service has to be one of the best Bond films made. As much as I grew up with Connery being 007, something about this film hits the nail on the head every time. And Joanna Lumley is in it 8)
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Re: Daniel Craig : 007

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MULLY wrote:
21 Aug 2017, 12:21
And Joanna Lumley is in it 8)
I think Honor Blackman (Goldfinger) is 92 or 93 today. 8)
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Re: Daniel Craig : 007

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Jon the Impaler wrote:
18 Aug 2017, 14:52
zamaguire wrote:
17 Aug 2017, 18:22
Never watched a Bond movie.
I haven't seen one since Roger Moore was Bond ..... and that's only because they are on TV . I much prefer the Bourne films or for atmosphere - Harry Palmer trilogy ( Michael Caine ) .
I prefer the Bourne films. My good lady has a batch of Bourne novels. About 8, I think. Apparently much better than the films.....haven't read any of them myself, though.
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Re: Daniel Craig : 007

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Books are usually better than films, though. I'm sure there are some exceptions. I've read some of the Bourne books, but only the original ones rather than the later ones written by someone else after Robert Ludlum died. I think I've only seen one of the films, I keep an eye open for them on TV but they always seem to show the same (first) one.

I do enjoy Bond films, including the new ones. Roger Moore is probably my favourite, mainly because my first Bond film (and first film at the cinema) was "Live and Let Die", which my Dad took me to see, but while I'll watch the films, some of the fashions and some of the acting hasn't aged well. I do wonder, though, when something like 'Skyfall' is as old as 'LALD' is, whether I'll watch it as fondly. But that might apply to any film, not just Bonds.
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