Name calling and personal attacks towards others etc....

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Name calling and personal attacks towards others etc....

Post by theraven1979 » 06 Nov 2005, 11:22

As you all know this site is pretty laid back (or black arf arf!!!) in respect of editing peoples posts and binning members. However, recently there seems to have been a few abusive posts towards people. I will not tolerate this on the board for the following reasons:-

1. One simple throwaway post involving abusive comments towards someone could get this site shut down over night. A lot of people read this site and don't post. We have Stranglers management, people in the media etc. Although that might not bother some of you it would piss me off and as the most active Stranglers site on the net would cut off a major communication point for us all.

2. It's pretty lame to sit behind a computer screen and shout abuse at someone.

I've been a bit relaxed about things recently - must be the happy pills :lol: But I've got better things to do that monitor everybodys posts and edit accordingly.

Finally, don't do the following "I think Joe Bloggs is a *****" as you'll get binned for that as well.

If you don't agree with the above please leave the site now before I bin you forever.


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