Happy 10th Birthday

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by touchline » 31 Dec 2011, 16:23

Nice work.

Happy New Year to all.

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by PaulinLondon » 31 Dec 2011, 16:45

Great work Jim and congratulations.

Maybe we will finally meet in 2012. :shock:

First round is on me.
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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by Alias » 31 Dec 2011, 18:31

Fan-tastic stuff, as usual, Jimbo.
Here's to at least another 10, eh? :smt006
Thanks for the sterling work and all round dedication to the cause sir. :smt113
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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by theraven1979 » 31 Dec 2011, 18:43

Thanks for all the comments - I really appreciate it and it's stuff like that that spur me on to keep the forums ticking over.

Cheers! :smt113

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by BazinBlack » 31 Dec 2011, 18:47

Nice post, keep up the good work

Strolling along minding my own business.....

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by Dom P » 31 Dec 2011, 19:20

Nice one Jim, happy anniversary!

I have fond memories of the 'old' forum, the yellow type on black background. I loved the way the threads expanded down the page so you immediately see if you had a reply... And you could see all the threads in one go... Magic stuff.

I remember you moved to a proper forum as things got a bit hairy when a certain poster, who became affectionately known as Mikel Foreskin, decided it would be fun to mock the untimely death of Finchley Boy Daddy.... Which Big Al Hillier did not take kindly to... I seem to remember the final posts became somewhat tasty and I could almost hear the launching of Exocet missiles from north London....

I also loved the sharing of obscure knowledge, and being able to show off your Stranglers knowledge... But I soon realised that I knew nothing compared with some of the experts and really long time fans...

Thanks to the forums I not only met some great fellow fans, but it was the breeding ground for the PDFs that I helped produce with Crass ... And following on from that I got to meet and get to know the legend that is JJ Burnel.... And ultimately to end up help design and create the latest official website...

None of this would have been remotely achievable but for the binding force of your Forum, Jim, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Here's to another 10!

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by icecube » 31 Dec 2011, 19:25

Well done Jim, thanks.
All the best to you, the forum and all our forumsters for 2012.
This can't be undone


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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by "Fading Dutch Moon » 31 Dec 2011, 22:30

Nice work Jim! This forum made travelling and seeing the band much easier for us dutchies. Where-ever we came in the UK, we met family-members, never had the feeling we were strangers. Thank you for creating this wonderfull family!

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by Josh » 31 Dec 2011, 22:35

Congratulations and thanks Jim, all the best for 2012.
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Happy 10th Birthday

Post by shazzer » 31 Dec 2011, 23:43

Thank you Jim. X

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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by MULLY » 01 Jan 2012, 00:17

Nice one Jim 8)

Great to catch up with you at The Convention, and it must be said that without this Forum I would not have been able to re-kindle past MiB friendships nor have been able to make 'new' ones.


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Re: Happy 10th Birthday

Post by scotticusnorvegicus » 01 Jan 2012, 01:26

Well done Jim ! I can imagine there's been a lot of hard work put into this cracking site. 10 out of 10 mate and long may it last. There's some great guys on here and Dom P is at the top of my list. Keep up the good work.
Have a great New Year !
We are very excited to be here in A ------me----ri--- ca.

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