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Re: View More Smilies

Post by Bobinblack » 10 May 2010, 09:20

theraven1979 wrote:Is back working again :smt026 :smt026 :smt023 :smt028 :smt030 :smt030 :smt033 :smt035 :smt035 :smt035 :smt061 :smt060 :smt056 :smt117 :smt117 :smt115 etc

Blimey Jim, you multiple personality disorder or what? :lol:
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Think I'll go for a stroll in the trees.

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Re: View More Smilies

Post by Mr-Tele » 10 May 2010, 20:51

Ha ha my favourite is back :smt018
They’ve been cooking on Blue Peter
Now they’re sampling the dishes
“I don’t normally like tomatoes, John
But this is delicious”

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