Abusive posts etc.

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Abusive posts etc.

Post by theraven1979 »

There's been a number of abusive posts/messages recently. Although the offending parties have now been ejected from the site I thought it worthwhile to point out a few facts:-

- Just because you're sat behind your monitor doesn't mean to say that you're safe and hidden away. The biggest advice I can offer anyone (not just for these forums) is view posting on here as if you're sat in a pub talking face to face with the recipient (or anyone you happen to be talking about). I know for a fact some of the recent posts would not have been made if that person was talking with the recipient face to face - and believe me you will end up bumping into people on here whether you like it or not!

- Also, band members, people close to the band etc DO read these forums from time to time. Be abusive towards the band and even if I manage to remove anything offensive (which I shouldn't have to do) there's a chance they may read it and they'll probably want to pursue anything abusive.

I think the recent postings have been a one off (..well they have thankfully) if the forums was like this full time I'd jack it in as I don't have time to chase after people with a shovel.

Obviously, we can still have a laugh - the odd jibe or dig at a fellow member is fine - obviously there's a line and I know everyone on here is intelligent to know that line.

This is not open for discussion but if anyone needs to contact me on any of the above gimme a shout via pm or email.

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