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Post by theraven1979 » 07 Oct 2009, 10:24

Some of you may already know that if you don't register and log in you're only seeing part of the forums (plus you're not able to post and have your say).

I've changed the registering process bulletpointed below

- Register through the usual process - Click on the register link
- I will get an email and I will approve your registration
- You can then post as normal

So why am I doing this?
We're receiving quite a few hacking/spam attempts - Nothing against the forum just standard net shite.

Why didn't you confim my registration?
You need to give me a clue that you're a geniune stranglers fan rather than some standard spambot. Therefore, if you've requested a username as xr2223332223 and you've registered with a hotmail account and you've said you're from Uruguay chances are I'm going to suspect that this is not a genuine registration.

Any questions PM or email me (

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