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08.1.83 European Female Single released - makes no.9 in charts
22.1.83 Feline album released
28.1.83 Chippenham Goldiggers
29.1.83 St Austel Colliseum
30.1.83 Poole Arts Centre
31.1.83 Bristol Colston Hall
1.2.83 Cardiff University
2.2.83 Birmingham Odeon
3.2.83 Birmingham Odeon
4.2.83 Oxford Apollo
5.2.83 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
6.2.83 Manchester Apollo
7.2.83 Leeds University
9.2.83 Glasgow Apollo
10.2.83 Aberdeen Capitol Theatre
11.2.83 Edinburgh Playhouse
12.2.83 Newcastle City Hall Link2
13.2.83 Sheffield City Hall
14.2.83 Watford Verlum Arms
15.2.83 Hammersmith Odeon "Seats at front got smashed" http://www.raysgigs.com
16.2.83 Hammersmith Odeon - Cancelled
17.2.83 Brighton Centre - support by "Attraction"

19.2.83 Antwerp Hofter Lo, Belgium
20.2.83 Hamburg Markthalle, Germany
21.2.83 Nijmegan, Holland
22.2.83 Amsterdam Paradiso Club,Holland
24.2.83 Munich, Germany
25.2.83 Nuremburg, Germany
26.2.83 Midnight Summer Dream single released - makes no.35 in charts
26.2.83 Strasbeurg Tiveli Hall, France
27.2.83 Lyon Palais d'hiver, France
28.2.83 Paris Maubert Mutalite, France http://www.uneviedeconcerts.com/archive ... 57120.html

01.4.83 The Ritz, New York, NY
02.4.83 The Ritz, New York, NY - Pawsher recorded in studio in New York
05.4.83 Toad's Place, New Haven,Connecticut
06.4.83 The Living Room, Providence, R.I.
07.4.83 The Paradise Theatre, Boston
08.4.83 Le Spectrum, Montreal, Canada - Cancelled - band were held at the Canadian border due to a problem with Hugh's entry. Band and tour van searched.
09.4.83 Le Spectrum, Montreal, Canada
11.4.83 Barrymore's, Ottawa, Ont.
12.4.83 Masonic Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada - Support from Men Without Hats
13.4.83 Masonic Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada
14.4.83 Bingeman Park, Kitchener, Canada - support from Kinetic Ideals
15.4.83 St Andrew's Hall, Detroit
16.4.83 Agora, Cleveland, Ohio
17.4.83 Agora, Columbus, Ohio
18.4.83 Bogarts, Cincinnati, Ohio support from Wall of Voodoo
19.4.83 Park West, Chicago, 111
22.4.83 Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wi.
23.4.83 St. Paul Expo Centre, St Paul, Mn
25.4.83 Playhouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba
27.4.83 - McEWAN HALL (Univ.), Calgary, Blberta (33 years later footage appears on you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irspoSw4gk8)
29.4.83 - COMMODORE BALLROOM, Vancouver, B.C.
30.4.83 - COMMODORE BALLROOM, Vancouver, B.C.
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1.5.83 Eagles Hippodrome, Seattle, Washington
2.5.83 Portland, Oregon "TBA"
4.5.83 Galactica 200, Sacramento, California
5.5.83 San Francisco Kabuki Club
6.5.83 Palladium, Los Angeles, California
7.5.83 San Diego, California
8.5.83 Country Club, Reseda, California
9.5.83 Beverley Theatre, Beverley Hills, California
24.5.83 Winnipeg Playhouse, Canada
May Toronto (Gig Broadcast on Local Radio)
In May the band also record the vid to All Roads Lead to Rome in LA

June - Permission recorded in London
15.6.83 Eindexamen Festival ,Hertogenbasch ,Holland
16.7.83 Elixir Festival, Brest, .France
06.8.83 Paradise single released - makes no.48 in charts
13.8.83 De Panne, Seaside Festival, Ostend, Belgium - Band have major technical problems
14.8.83 Inside Festival - Halles Des Foires, Liege, Belgium.
26.8.83 Reading Festival, Thameside Arena Link 2

19.9.83 TV F.R.3 recorded in Paris, for ''L'Echo Des Bananes" Only 2 songs make the broadcast - 26 songs in all were rehearsed/played http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/forums/v ... 07#p353607


21.9.83 Barcelona Studio.54, Spain
22.9.83 Madrid Rockola, Spain
23.9.83 Madrid Rockola, Spain
24.9.83 San Sebastian Lasarte Autodrome, Spain
25.5.83 Toulouse Palais des Sports, France
27.9.83 Bordeaux Salle du Grande Parc, France
28.9.83 Bordeaux Salle de Grande Parc, France
29.9.83 Paris Espace Ballard, France http://www.uneviedeconcerts.com/archive ... 99531.html
30.9.83 Lille Parc Exposition, France
1.10.83 Rennes Omnisports, France
2.10.83 Rouen Exocet 7, France
3.10.83 Metz Europa, France "when the band played
the city of Metz in eastern France. We were staying in this little hotel
right in the centre somewhere and when we got up in the morning we all had
hangovers and badly needed something to eat. We were so late rising, we’d
missed breakfast and the kitchen was deserted. Now anyone who knows
Stranglers history will be aware that a hungry Jet is not a happy Jet, and
after we spent about 10 mins trying - and failing - to find a member of
staff, he lost patience. He marched into the kitchen, threw open the fridge,
pulled out all the eggs and bacon he could find, and started a massive fry
up. He ordered us all to sit down in the dining room, and every now and
again he’d poke his head out of the kitchen door and say, ‘Now who was it
who said they didn’t want mushrooms?’ He took all our breakfast orders one
by one! Brilliant - and one of the best fry ups I ever had."
Chris Twomey
4.10.83 Grenoble Alp Expo, France
5.10.83 Montpelier Palais des Sports, France
6.10.83 Marseille Chapiteau
8.10.83 Rome Teatro Tenta, Italy (Cancelled)
9.10.83 Bologna Teatro Tenta, Italy
10.10.83 Milan Rolling Stone Club, Italy
11.10.83 Clemont Ferrand Maison des Sports, France
12.11.83 Nice Theatre de Verdure, France
13.10.83 Lyon Palais d'hiver, France
14.10.83 Nancy Chapiteau, France
"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
It taught me how to laugh again"