Listings, reviews, of live gigs. The ultimate Stranglers gig archive.
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9.2.79 Tokyo, Japan, TV Gig
13.2.79 Fukuoka, Syonenbunka Kaikan
14.2.79 Osaka, MainichiHall
15.2.79 Kyoto, Seibukodo
16.2.79 Nagoya Nagoyashi Kokaido
17.2.79 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
18.2.79 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
19.2.79 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
23.2.79 Live X-Cert Album Released


25.2.79 Sydney State Theatre
27.2.79 Brisbane Queens Hotel - "police violence" at this one
28.2.79 Collangatta The Patch
1.3.79 Brisbane Festival Hall
The Stranglers caused a riot in Brisbane on March 1, 1979. This was at the Queen's Hotel, long since buried under high rise, down near where the Riverside Centre is now.

This was the second night at the venue. The first night Jean-Jacques Burnel beaned local punk V2 on the head with his bass. At the next gig, as Cornwell came forward to sing for the first time, a beer glass sailed from down the back and caught him on the brow. He shrugged it off and kept playing, blood and all.

After about 10 songs of this the band trashed their gear and took off for their hotel. The mood inside turned nasty, or nastier, at which point . . . well, discretion the better part of valour and all that, so I missed the riot and the arrests.
Cornwell still remembers it well, he told me on the phone the other day.
"I thought it was getting incredibly hot and I was sweating, so I got a towel and wiped my brow thinking I'd see water and it was blood. But whenever you get a cut there it looks worse than it is."

4.3.79 Newcastle Civic Theatre
5.3.79 Canberra Theatre
10.3.79 Adelaide Apollo Stadium
13.3.79 Melbourne La Trobe Union Hall
14.3.79 Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall


JJ Burnel Solo Tour - EUROMAN COMETH

06.4.79 JJ`s Euroman Cometh solo album released
15.4.79 Glasgow Pavillion
16.4.79 Manchester Apollo
17.4.79 Liverpool Erics
18.4.79 Derby Assembly Rooms
20.4.79 Birmingham Digbeth Town Hall
21.4.79 Brighten Dome
22.4.79 Bristol Locarno
23.4.79 Canterbury Odeon
24.4.79 Portsmouth Locarno "this gig was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I know, I had a ticket and it took me six months to get a refund."
25.4.79 Hemel Hempstead, Pavillion - Released on the 1992 Euroman CD Re-Issue
26.4.79 Newcastle Mayfair
27.4.79 Edinburgh Odeon
28.4.79 Bradford St.Georges Hall
29.4.79 Ilford Odeon
30.4.79 Theatre Royal Drury Lane - Cancelled
1.5.79 Hammersmith Odeon - Cancelled

Raven sessions recorded around July 79

7th May '79 Two Sunspots was along with Meninblack. Session recorded at Eden Studios in Chiswick with Rushent/Winstanley again. This was the planned single & got as far as the acetate stage.
26.5.79 Loch Lomond Festival Image
10th July '79 Fools Rush Out was then reworked & the finished version coupled with Duchess on 22nd July '79.
15th August '79 Social Secs arrangements by Steve Churchyard at Air studios. There are 6 different versions of SS listed as:
Full with vox, full no vox, Halfspeed with vox, H/S no vox, Backwards with vox, B/W no vox. Assuming the last one became the released version YCUF6.

17.8.79 Ellesmere F.C. Liverpool (Cancelled)
18.8.79 Duchess single released - makes no.14 in charts
18.8.79 Wembley Stadium - Support to The Who


21.9.79 The Raven album released
21.9.79 Taunton Odeon
22.9.79 Cambridge Corn Exchange
28.9.79 Cascais Pavilion, Portugal
1.10.79 Arcadia Hall, Cork, Ireland
2.10.79 Arcadia Hall, Cork, Ireland
3.10.79 Dublin Chariot Inn
4.10.79 Belfast Ulster Hall http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/forums/v ... 22&t=15236
6.10.79 Bridlington Spa Pavilion
7.10.79 Glasgow Apollo The Curves support.
8.10.79 Carlisle Market Hall
10.10.79 Blackburn St.Georges Hall (Replaced Newcastle)
11.10.79 Derby Assembly Rooms
12.10.79 Lancaster University
13.10.79 Leeds University
14.10.79 Sheffield Top Rank - Human League support.
"1979 Sheffield top rank The Raven Tour, the band turned up in a coach about three, signed off on the fans lookin for autographs.
The gig was packed me and my mucker Dave had a few ales in a near by pub, we went upstairs i remember the plastic glasses of Arctic Light lager
and two girls from Barnsley. The gig was outstanding 5 minutes, Shah Shah a Go Go, the Raven and on to Ice! Nubiles was out of this world with Hugh asking if the Yorkshire Ripper was here that night and this was for him, Toiler was the stand out number and all to soon they were gone. To see Sewer, The Raven and Toiler in one set is the dream ticket , after the gig Dave and me went to the train station with the girls from Barnsley, the first taste of open air sex hahaha. Later after tryin to sleep in Sheffield station the cops nicked us we were thrown in the Black Maria taken to Sheffield nick into the lift for a friendly good beating then back to the station dumped off ready for the milk train back to Lincoln. Battered and bruised we were at the next Raven gig. I did 8 on the Raven tour and nothing has ever come close, this was the time when the Stranglers should have exploded into the biggest uk band ever!

One last thing for now the Raven Tour was played at a frantic pace. Straight after 5 minutes Hugh screamed out "Which ways East?! that way!" and straight into Shah Shah a Go Go this is still the best tour ever!" Carl Greenwold

15.10.79 Birmingham Top Rank
18.10.79 Southampton Gaumont
19.10.79 Rainbow, London
20.10.79 Rainbow, London
20.10.79 Nuclear Device single released makes no.36 in charts
21.10.79 Leicester Granby Hall
22.10.79 Liverpool Romeo & Juliet (Cancelled?)
23.10.79 Portsmouth Locarno
25.10.79 Manchester Apollo
27.10.79 Coventry Theatre
28.10.79 Bristol Colston Hall
29.10.79 Oxford New Theatre
30.10.79 Brighton Centre
31.10.79 Cardiff Top Rank
1.11.79 London Rainbow

08.11.79 Brussells L'Ancienn Belgium
09.11.79 Brussells L'Ancienn Belgium
10.11.79 Le Paradiso Amsterdam
11.11.79 Paris Empire
12.11.79 Paris Empire (filmed for Chorus TV show)
13.11.79 Paris Le Palace
16.11.79 Salle Des Fetes Du Grand Parc, Bordeaux

*other dates here missing?*

16.11.79 Hugh releases Nosferatu album
21.11.79 Metropol Theatre, Berlin
23.11.79 Saarbrucken, Aula University (Dickies support)
27.11.79 Hamburg, Musikhalle


01.12.79 Don`t Bring Harry single released - makes no.41 in charts
10.12.79 Sapporo Ohyakaikan
11.12.79 Nagoya Kohkaido
12.12.79 Fukuoka Tsukushikaikan
13.12.79 Tokyo Korakuen
14.12.79 Osaka Mainichi Hall
15.12.79 Kyoto, Kyohoaiseibukohodo
16.12.79 Tokyo Korakuen
"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
It taught me how to laugh again"