Southend - with a spoiler or two

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Southend - with a spoiler or two

Post by Boody » 14 Mar 2015, 10:38

Well what a strange and interesting evening...met Aldinblack and introduced myself as Boody. Some local wideboy decided we were lovers and insisted on calling me Moody. His mate's ex-girlfriend had had it off with Elvis Costello in the 1980's, something he has been telling people about ever since. Or at least that was my impression.

Hideous queues for bars serving very expensive pissy beer. More women than usual, including this teenage stick insect with a big handbag, who was moshing with the oldies. A rather older lady, who provided me with a soft landing when people got excitable. Talking of which....

The first half was really well played, a great selection, but the crowd was quite quiet. And then, of all numbers, it was Duchess that got everyone going. The place erupted into life, like a middle-aged boil bursting all over the floor... The usual suspects ensued - Peaches, Walk on by, Sewer, Norfolk Coast, and a barnstorming No More Heroes. And yes, to the chagrin of a few I am sure, ADAATN is back in the set, but I loved it. I think I counted six songs from The Raven. Maybe this is a favourite of the band.
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Re: Southend - with a spoiler or two

Post by aldinblack » 14 Mar 2015, 11:12

good to meet you last night boody, yeah that guy last night was friendly enough but obsessed with shagging [FACE SCREAMING IN FEAR]

I thought the sound was very good last night. The band were having a good time too. Enjoy the Scottish gigs !

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