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Post by pigeon » 01 May 2008, 15:43

Not as may as you lot, but i have 10 minutes before i can go and repaire my character in wow.

1. Talking to hugh with adam and johnsa for 45 minutes after an acoustic gig in cheshire telfords warehouse, after missing the Q & A session as we failed to have a ticket after being amazed the gig had sold out.

2.Talking to robert williams with Crass, Paul, & OG at 3am in camden for ages outside the marathon kebab resturant. I was laughing to myself when he said in his canadian voice when he asked caz "if she liked to take it up the arse".

3. Having a crappy letter printed in strangled 35 aged 11 ( A recieving loads of letters from marian sheperd), which JJ signed "nice metting you JJ burnel" at his solo show in Salford in Manchester November 05, having to be pushed forward by Adam after being frozen on the spot when it was my turn, having a photo with him aswell, i think it's in the gallery.

4. The two shades of the meninblack gig at the sheperds bush empire in 2002 simply amazing.

5.Paris 07 was amazing meeting sid, lucy, laurence, john, tania, billy & Judy for the first time. Drinking outside the venue itself 7 hours before it opend seeing the bands tour bus turn up & baz saying to sid "you lucky bastards beer and paris in the spring what more could you want, we'd join you only we have to do a radio show". Waving JJ & baz off as they go off in their car to do the radio show. I was supprised sid actually made the show after the amount he drank :lol:, oh and i fell headfirst in my chips :cry:

6..Roundhouse 07, meeting all the forumsters in the spread eagle and Al Hillier accross the road from the venue, awesome gig, awsome social event.

7. Getting up early to watch the Louraine kelly show to see the lads on tv,BTC getting to N031 in the charts. Still got a load of stick from my mates but fuck em.

8.Holland 07, was an amazing few days, specially the show in hengelo and andy singing Ships that pass in the night through the streets of hengelo at midnight & the locals looking at us thinking were mental. Talking to the peter crouch lookalike in the fried chicken bar. Meeting AZ aswell.

9.Sitting with bry, andy & ricky in the hotel in doncaster & managing my biggest intake of alcohol yet 5 pints wow, & talking to JJ as he arrived with his guitar in the hotel. Baz, JJ & crew sat on the table next to us for a while before they went off to do their soundcheck.

10. JJs songs and stories show at the royle festival hall in london december 2000, awesome show, he signed my dreamtime picture disc backstage for me.

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Post by TWO SUNSPOTS » 01 May 2008, 16:03

Too many moments over the years to list, but a couple that stand out are:-

Seeing them for the 1st time in Cardiff.

Having my question read out on the Kid Jenson show and Hugh answering it and saying my name :oops: I was "star struck" when i heard him mention my name.

Meeting the band backstage at the Reading festival (also managed to meet Hanoi Rocks amongst others).
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Post by mick12345 » 09 May 2008, 14:26

my best and most cherrished memory must of been when i hearb mr Roberts was leaveing i got so drunk that night.ha ha just joking
my best memory is my first when i was 7 i heard No More Heroes and beged my mom and dad to get it me that was my first record i ever got[the single that is]i still have that same 7 inch its in a bad way now but i wouldnt sell it for all the tea in china.
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Post by kinski » 09 May 2008, 14:35

Did I ever mention, as well as da Strangs, I luurvved Kate Bush? So a cherished memory is winning "The Raven" LP on Radio 1's "Roundtable. And guess who was a guest reviewer that week, and who had the task of reading my name out over the airwaves. Yes, I luurvved Kate Bush!
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Post by ThruBeingCool » 10 May 2008, 01:33

I won tickets to see Hugh & Big Country following a Radio Nottingham announcement back in '93.

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Post by MANUINBLACK » 10 May 2008, 14:01

got a couple the same as a few other people like letter printed in strangled and "golden brown" missing no1 spot but others in no particular order:

1.on holiday in benidorm early 80s and in our room after afternoon sesh,hear "tank" from somewhere .thought i was dreaming then realised it was outside so donned "raven" t shirt and went down to investigate.3 lads outside a bar/club with huge tape player with B & W blaring out :grin:

2.meeting and chatting to JJ at the 92 and the missus were lost,trying to find the bogs and there he was just walking towards us with no one else in sight so just shook his hand and indulged in a bit of small talk about Northwood (near where we live in harrow) the wheather

3.first concert at the lyceum in 1980.punk girl in front with pink liquid filled earrings,red velvet style walls leading to the auditorium,huge RAVEN,...BRILLIANT

4.sneeking a bedsheet with " happy 21st stranglers etc" into the albert hall and hanging it over the balcony . security telling me to take it down(3 times till he got bored) and seeing it (just) on the dvd cover. 8)

5.seeing DAVE and JJ on the front page of the "mirror" in their "european female" gear with the "guess who" headline,then inside with the write up/explanation etc :grin:

6. seeing the "greatest hits" advert on the telly.surprised excited,euphoric,united,ecstatic,fantastic......oops got sidetracked :o

7.reading that Hugh had left the band in the music press(less said about that the better)

8."sleazy" on the "capital radio hitline" for ages . me and a mate used to walk our dogs after school in nearby woods whilst listening to this and whilst he liked the stranglers he hated "sleazy" for some reason,whilst i loved it....wound him up :grin:

9.the start of "toiler" at the "ally pally" fucking awesome

10.receiving my "rattus" gold disc and hanging it in the front room..its like the anfield badge that the players touch on the way down the tunnel to get on the pitch (to be beaten by man u again :grin: )
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Post by touchline » 10 May 2008, 19:50

1991 tour, first time with PR. Me and a mate went to the Woughton Centre (or something) in Milton Keynes. We always go early for a few pubs etc. So up the M1 we went from Luton and got to the venue at around midday. As we were the only people in the car park, the venue manager came out and asked how we were? I replied "we are just looking where to go tonight". This guy had no clue what the band looked like, so believing we were two of the band, gave us a detailed tour of the venue. We left smiling and went to MK city centre bars. We then went back to the venue whilst the road crew were setting up. We stood looking into the stage area for some time from an open fire exit. One thing stood out, one roady asked if "anyone had some spray?" A smart keyboard tech replied, "Do you mean the spray that lubricates everything, comes in a can, we use all the time and is called ....(something?)? The reply was "yes" (waiting to be given the can). The smart one looked over and said with a smile "No". We fell about laughing (you had to be there). :lol:

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Post by evonx » 11 May 2008, 10:28

1. jj pointing me out at worksop in his solo tour in 2000 "this is an example of how tall dutch people actually are" :-)

2. meeting paul at the solar live event

3. sitting with my friend jan in a darkened bedroom listening to "the gospel according to the meninblack" again and again at the tender age of 13

4. seeing the band at dutch TV show Top Pop miming Heroes, hooked for life!

5 first gig; the no nukes show in 1982 utrecht, netherlands

6 drinking an eating at dave's pub, walking past jj's house nextdoor a couple of times already being over 30 (sad or what?)

7 rob owen trying to break the last bit of berlin wall with a bicycle-part when the band played berlin feb 2001

8 paul and baz coming to the hotel bar after said gig
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Post by meanie » 23 Jun 2008, 12:17

Probably a bit boring after some of these posts, but here goes..... highlight.... being given a can of lager by JJ at the first gig I ever attended... lowest point......... no more Hugh.
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Post by Unbroken » 23 Jun 2008, 12:37

In the loo... pissing besides Dave at the London Convention :roll:

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Post by ozymandias » 23 Jun 2008, 16:25

1. Being behind PR checking his bags in on flight to Munich ('91?). Gig was at Nachtwerk. Sat in the departure lounge waiting for the flight when JJ ambled in, looking every inch the rock star. I remember there were two gangs - I think JJ and Dave sat together, and Jet, JE and PR were sat separately. On bus from plane to terminal at Munich airport, stood next to Jet. He was massive.
2. Meeting PR buying cherry tomatoes in Whitton Sainsbury's. What a decent bloke he is.
3. Meeting JJ, Baz and Dave in hotel in Buxton pre-gig. Baz taking piss out of my shirt - "hope you're gonna wear something a bit more rock and roll for the gig". Was my favourite shirt too.

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Post by themaninblack1963 » 23 Jun 2008, 16:38

I have few

1. Meeting JJ, Jet and Dave on the "10" tour in the hotel they were staying at in Reading, Hugh was not staying at the same hotel (that should have rung alarm bells!), they were great guys, Alex their sax player was there aswell, good guy, then they offered to put us on the guest list for the Guildford gig the next night, so we went there and met up with them in their hotel then aswell, AWESOME!

2. Meeting the band at The Brixton Academy on the "In The Night" tour, and meeting the 3 of them again plus John Ellis & Paul who were also really friendly.

Great memories.
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