Has your (ex)wife ever........

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..thrown out your Stranglers stuff?

Yes...the bitch etc
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Has your (ex)wife ever........

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Post by paulinblack »

Yes, if flogging at a car boot sale without my knowledge counts ! :x

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Post by Fredib »

No, She would NOT try, because she knew she would pass through the window if she tried... :wink:
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Post by SmallPaul »

No. In fairness to Mrs SmallPaul, she knows how much they mean to me. Although I haven't done anything particularly bad for her to consider it. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, and all that.

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I think I can honestly say, if she ever did that without good reason, I'd walk out....but then again I could just buy it all again and run up a huge credit card bill....
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She broke up my collection, which I was very attached to.
I broke something she was attached to, her legs.

Just joking :lol:
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Post by whinger »

On parting from the first Mrs Whinger she swore she would take revenge on my philandering ways and as I walked away I muttered back...whatever..!!

Three months later and happily residing in my own 'pad' I decided that today was the day I would unpack those last few boxes (Stranglers records included). Now if your like me you dont just et them out, you check them over and from there it leads to the record player being switched on and before long, your tapping your foot to the start of Shah..

anyway.... I reckon you guessed the rest..

There was 6 albums and 8 singles scratched with what I can only assume was a dart, scratches that reminded me of the Worth Valley (a valley in yorkshire in which Keighley sits)...

Woman scorned and all that....

We were still going through the seperaton at the time and dividing the procedes from the house sale, so I instructed my solicitor to dedect the cost of the highly prized vinyl from her share....

I think it cost me more in solicitors letters than the worth of the records..

Oh well... that was nearly twenty years ago now...

and I can honestly say The Stanglers have given me more joy than she was ever capable of..I especially like a little Aural sculpture :wink:

its ok for you to laugh.. but from down here you look pretty stupid too
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Post by jeanjacketburnel »

Thanx for the warning.
I'm currently going thro' all that shit with my current wife so when the time comes to walk away, (very soon now so a big goodbye to all of you on the forums. Hopefully speak to you soon), I'll pack a second suitcase with my Strangs stuff init.
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Post by daniellameijvis »

I see you have your problems to. I'm glad I'm not the only
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Post by Olympic Smile »

You cheeky buggers .............I bet this is from one of my replies about Stranglers posters................

Yep ex wife ditched and ripped :

1 x Original Stranglers Flyer
1 x Signed Euroman Poster
5 x Raven Car stickers (Never issued I think)
2 x Stranglers scrap books
Various badges................SIS ones too and pre SIS
JJ plectrum
Various framed photo's...................

Ultra pissed off I was, still had the last laugh............got all my record / CD collection...............and won ALL my pension and gratuity rights with the RAF...............she won't get a penny!!!


Morale of the story, hide your Stranglers stuff far away before you tell her she's a shit shag and you do a runner!!!!
.......remember what happened to Lotts wife? You Do?
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Post by Jake »

No, I don't live with my girl anyway lifes easier that way :)
but one ex who actually came to see the MIB with me, threw a CD tower across the room in afit of rage and it caused a killing Joke CD to break didn't damage the Stranglers though
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Post by PjInBlack »

not married :p
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