Over the last 15 years do you consider yourself.....

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Over the last 15 years do you consider yourself.....

More of a Stranglers fanatic
About the same as I was back then
Not as obsessive actually.
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fans forum?

Post by GRIFF »

apologies to those who matter. one and a half bottles of red and a few beers helps me vent , wether it is welcome or not. it was the recent posts about raven and paul fox ( when everyone goes of on a "they will be sorely missed, or " our thoughts and love go out to their family and friends" posts.)

(Some of) The people who visit this site seem to show very little respect for the living (considering they call themselves "fans") and I suppose when I see posts aimed at point scoring or attempts to look witty and clever , it makes me see RED (or white, whatever is available really) Surely you understand my point. I suppose its only a matter of time before we see these individuals sending their condolences (two faced twunts that they are) to band members(past and present)and their family. ps please let that be a very very long time. apologies again jim.
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I'm sure you are forgiven Griff, I have been known to reveal my true feelings after a jar or two, not so much on here but with people I should care more about.

Anyway, back to the topic. I had to vote less obsessed because I don't sit on the pavement outside record shops waiting for them to open to get my pre ordered singles on the day they came out any more. There isn't much that can bring the feeling of those days back, even a cracking gig sadly.
Sometimes I prefer to remember them how they were.

I know one thing, and that is that I will be gutted when the end comes in whatever form that happens.

Have fun at the Roundhouse and God Bless the Mib and all who sail in her!

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Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling »

It's funny how Shandy effects some people.
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only band i can say i love :oops: :smt007
well that was amazing,its taken him all day to learn that bass solo
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Re: Over the last 15 years do you consider yourself.....

Post by strangledinAuch »

going back to around 79/80,I remember my cousin saying to me "why do you listen to that shit"

he was alot bigger than me :lol:, i just said it's the Stranglers,they will always be my favourite band

he laughed and said,no chance,you'll be into something else soon enough

I knew at the time that wouldn't happen and it never has
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Re: Over the last 15 years do you consider yourself.....

Post by Jon the Impaler »

Got to think - what was I like in 1999 .... I think I was at the stage then that any greatest hits type thing came out I'd get it regardless . Around mid 2000's I guess I stopped getting them as basically they are all the same in a different package so primarily I judge it by that , I'd have to say a bit less fanatical then . Having said that I do believe that that they've bought out 2 of their best albums since at least Hugh left in Norfolk and Suite BUT dropped the almighty clanger of Giants in a way to balance it . I'd definitely say I'm probably less fanatic than in 1999 and even more so than in the 80's when I'd get any Stranglers related item I could find . Maybe I'm just more choosey these days .
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