I got into the Stranglers in......

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I got into the Stranglers in......

2000 onwards
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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by delboyinblack » 11 Feb 2013, 20:55

Remember seeing the video for Grip in a late night arty farty show on STV and thinking what a great song and weird looking group.That would've been around '77 but couldn't afford to buy records as my pocket money was quite meagre,I was 15 then.
The first album I actually bought was The Raven not long after it came out and thought it was amazing,so I started buying Stranglers albums seriously in 1980 just before I went to see them at the Glasgow Apollo just after the Nice incident,since then I've been hooked
I'm not gonna cry i bet he hit that water high

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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by Retro Man » 25 Mar 2013, 12:44

1978 with "Black & White" for me. I'd seen them as a kid playing "No More Heroes" on TOTP and loved that, but it wasn't until I heard "Black & White" properly that I was hooked - and it's still in my "Top 5 albums of all time" list ( I do like a list...). I was at an army boarding school at the time and I had to spend one weekend at my Gran's, one of the senior boys at school lent me a pile of Punk albums as I was getting into the music. I can remember vividly it, sprawled on the carpet in front of Gran's old Radiogram being blown away by "B&W", it was totally unlike anything I'd ever heard. Even the other albums he lent me - "Rocket To Russia", "Never Mind The Bollocks", "Generation X" and "This Years Model", as good as they were, still had traditional "songs". But "B&W" was a different beast entirely. Evil, scary, unsettling...that bass, the lyrics, the cover...everything about it really. It was downright weird, but out of it came melodies that stuck in my head. I was 13 and that moment has stayed with me ever since. I was so obsessed that I pestered the bloke who let me buy the album off him, I still have it, although as things were always getting nicked at school, I did write my name in nice bright blue biro on the front cover..!

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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by sparrow » 25 Mar 2013, 18:45

Christmas day 1977...got Rattus..can still see my auld dads face when the swearing on Ugly came on :twisted: ...Were my fave band for many years..still are up there with my faves.

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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by Mulchinblack » 16 May 2013, 01:00

1977, heard GBG on the radio and was hooked.
Normally I wouldn't have minded.

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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by elvisintheclouds » 16 May 2013, 08:45

Short pants
Thank you very much

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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by kjblack » 16 May 2013, 11:44

As a young foetus.

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Re: I got into the Stranglers in......

Post by strangledinAuch » 10 Mar 2014, 21:43


just happened to be round a mates house after school,he played black & white and I instantly knew it was the best album I'd ever heard

he said I've got another 2 here and that was it

his black & white album was signed by Dave Greenfield,didn't think much of it at the time

I was brought up in Newhaven,Sussex apparently my mate knew Dave Greenfield from some relavite from close by Seaford

I am eternally my friend
well why not,I always keep my socks on

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