GIANTS Cover shot

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So, what was your first reaction to the GIANTS cover when you saw it?

Feckin' awesome! Best cover ever.....
Excellent choice...very fitting
It's OK... nothing special tho.......
Could have done better...bit disappointing really...
Awful choice... don't like it it any way, shape or form
'Written in Red' has a much better cover
Total votes: 110

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GIANTS Cover shot

Post by BasiltheBrush »

So, what was your first reaction to the GIANTS cover when you saw it?
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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by Toiler On The Sea »

Voted OK, nothing special :oops: :oops:

Maybe if the band explained the symbolism :roll: ?? if there is any?

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by Bobinblack »

I want to vote Excellent (very fitting) but I don't actually know if it IS very fitting or not, I don't know what it's meant to be tell us, if anything. But I do like it very much, only downside of it for me is the inclusion of the girl. Like I say though, if we find out that she is essential to the design then I'd probably like it even more.

Definitely better than Suite XVI and Written in Red, and About Time which has too much blue in it, it just doesn't work. Bit like most of the album :P
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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by Alias »

Voted same as big D above. As I mentioned on another thread, I don't think
the wee girl is creepy/moody/arty enough, what with her normal, modern (not black!)
clothes an'that. As I said, something closer to the girl from the SLG cover would have
been a much better image, I think.(If, as Bob points out above, she's even relevant anyway)
Could have been worse though.
And how long will we have to wait, do you reckon, before someone from on here gets
down to the local swing-park with their digi camera for the first piss take?

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by zontar »

First reaction: Wot were the rejected ideas?

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by Détective Privé »

I've voted 'Written in Red has a much better cover'. Somebody had to do it, I think. :evil:
This Giants sleeve is just another exemple of a terrible packaging history : Aural Sculpture, Dreamtime, All Live And All Of The Night, In The Night, About Time (quite similar, that one), and so on...
Well, never mind, I still love this band, love their music and will always do. :grin:
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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by HOFT »

zontar wrote:First reaction: Wot were the rejected ideas?
exactly my thoughts too

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by Bag Lady »


There might be a definitive answer somewhere but it doesn't bother me too much.
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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by will taylor »

I really like it, vast improvement compared with Suite XVI in my view which I always thought came across as a bit lightweight. You look at the Giants cover and it stops you in your tracks, the ropes give it an eerie and unsettling feel. I don't think I spent more than a few seconds looking at the Suite XVI artwork, the booklet was uninspired as well, littered with naff fonts straight from Microsoft Word. In contrast Giants looks like the kind of album that has a mystique surrounding it, as a fan it intrigues me to want to hear the album even more.

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by Tom Traubert »

Excellent. Especially the concept, though the overall final result could be slightly polished/improved here and there. It makes one think, which is very good for a cover.

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by sandyinblack »

Voted OK

I agree that I too used to do a CSI on album covers. Now I don't think it matters.
That maybe something to do with my eyesight - not getting any younger etc.

I was a bit shocked at the cover to tell the truth. The idea of nooses on swings is a tad sinister....why are they there...who are they aimed for.
Typical Stranglers, I suppose.

I hope that it does catch eyes and imaginations, and opens the band to a wider audience.

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Re: GIANTS Cover shot

Post by jpw »

Voted excellent. It obviously creates discussion and fits in with The Stranglers mysterious and sinister image. :twisted:

Best album cover of all time though (by any band) is Black and White in my humble opinion.

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