Fibbers, York - GIG PULLED...

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Fibbers, York - GIG PULLED...

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Fibbers, York - GIG PULLED...

"We are extremely annoyed to be placed in a position where there is no alternative but to cancel Friday's show in York. Shaggy has discovered a mistake over agreements for the band's fees, realising that the 'promoter' fully intended to take a totally disproportionate 40% cut of the band's wages - leaving an unjust 15% share for each band member. Such an arrangement is economically unviable for the band. The band's commitment and sheer number of hours dedicated to getting these shows on the road, and the road is long, very long sometimes, is unquestionable, but it all requires funding, if only to barely cover basic costs, as I'm sure you will all be aware. What really frustrates us is that shameless, greedy promoters are content to fleece bands to obtain money that they doubtfully merit, I mean how hard, or expensive, is it to simply book a band? This band is very proactive and they usually do the sourcing and requesting of gigs themselves, also providing their own material for advertising the event. We always strive to work earnestly with all parties concerned but we will draw the line at being totally ripped-off..."

From The Straighten Out website

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Re: Fibbers, York - GIG PULLED...

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Gutted - was putting plans in place today for this one. Oh well.

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