i just called to say hello

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paul b
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Post by paul b » 04 Nov 2004, 20:26

hello barry - i have a new e-mail address by the way.
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Mathew Stranglers

Post by Mathew Stranglers » 04 Nov 2004, 21:00


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Post by theraven1979 » 04 Nov 2004, 21:22

Cool - is it a snazzy email address? :D

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Rats Rally
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Post by gazincumbria » 04 Nov 2004, 21:34

Ohh! :homosexual: Get you! :p :D


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Post by Homer » 04 Nov 2004, 23:08

Hi............ guyz :;):
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Post by GRIFF » 05 Nov 2004, 16:06

hello to paul b :booze:

Mathew Stranglers

Post by Mathew Stranglers » 05 Nov 2004, 17:25

...and 'Barry'...

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Post by nickinblack » 05 Nov 2004, 17:29

It's Thrubeingcool's mate.
Hi,I still have the same email address. :D
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Post by ThruBeingCool » 06 Nov 2004, 00:18

nickinblack wrote:It's Thrubeingcool's mate.
You've got a good memory Nick! :)

Let me introduce you all to another member of the family!...

Please welcome...

Paul B - me old mucker from Banbury.

A veteran of many Stranglers & related gigs for over 20 years now. I first met him, or should I say,' befriended ' him in early 1993 during a Stranglers gig at The Ritzy Club in Nottingham. He was a "Billy no mates" M.I.B. who'd travelled by himself -I, on the other hand, had loads of mates who accompanied me to this gig.....however, I spotted him in a pub just before the gig,with his Stranglers t-shirt, drinking by himself & took pity on him! :D soz,Paul!

To cut along story short, over the last decade or so we have become firm friends & shared many experiences-in-black together. The only time we meet is for a Stranglers related happening,the most recent being HC at The Rescue Rooms in Nottm. The next? SBE 10/12/04 - we're sharing a room at The Hilton, Kensington, nothing kinky I can assure you!...

Actually , Paul won't be a complete Stranger to all of you...I know he went on French Stranglers dates with Pam & Andy years ago and I'm sure that folks such as 'Homer' would recognise him from 'The Faith Band' & Baz Warne soirees at The Golden Fleece in Nottingham in recent years....

I don't know why I'm telling u all about Paul 'cos he'll never post as he hardly ever goes near his computer (i.e. on the net!)

btw Paul, if u actually get to read this..tickets for SBE arrived today...and my email address is still the same!


paul b
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Post by paul b » 02 Dec 2004, 00:01

Lets get this right from the start.

It just was'nt like that. Our eyes met across a lonely room, :withstupid: There was something there straight away. Some people say when you meet the right person for the first time, you just know you are going to spend the rest of your life together. (well - drunken nights anyway). We had so much in common, the same interests, the same tastes, the same tatoos. Remember all those nights i carried your crutch for you, i got you home safely, i carried your kebab for you as you had a piss against the wall. Are these things so easily forgotten.
Do people not know of Barry Spooner Promotions at the Golden Fleece and the Chicken Salad incident. Of Paul Roberts advice to you about your problem.
I was there for you when you had the Big Stain trouble at Gloucester this year. Does this really mean so little.

I hope you have not lost your sense of humour.

Let me properly introduce myself - i do have a few mates, i am a veteran of over 150 Stranglers gigs over the last 25 years, and when we share a room after SBE, i promise you it will be kinky.

Cheers - Paul B.
"i'd crawl over 50 good pussies just to get to 1 fat boys asshole"

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Post by Toiler On The Sea » 02 Dec 2004, 10:13

Wait...... Paul & Barry????

Is it the Chuckle Brothers on the forum. :D
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Mathew Stranglers

Post by Mathew Stranglers » 02 Dec 2004, 21:19

From me to you...from me to you!:D

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