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by PaulinLondon
18 Jan 2006, 16:45
Forum: Tribute Bands
Topic: Forums 4MH bash (potential)
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Jim - up for it. Brilliant idea.
by PaulinLondon
16 Jan 2006, 14:13
Forum: Other Bands
Topic: WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU LOT LISTENIN TO - When it's not the fucking Stranglers??!
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A very interesting snippet on

Then go to the "Music and Videos" section and listen to "The Death and Resurrection Show". Very good drumming from Mr. David Grohl.

by PaulinLondon
09 Jan 2006, 16:58
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Links to downloads etc
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One of the people at work just sent me this link :

It's quite clever but probably not as scientific as they would like to think they are. Try The Stranglers for starters.