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by sandyinblack
12 Mar 2010, 22:13
Forum: Stranglers Polls
Topic: So how many gigs have YOU seen?
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Re: So how many gigs have YOU seen?

Hi I've seen them 32 times since 1981. All in Scotland, mainly Glasgow but once each in Perth, Campbelltown and Livingston. I was standing beside a guy called Gerry/Jerry in front right of JJ at the recent Glasgow gig and he was at his 119th gig. He knew a load of folk at the gig and if anyone has h...
by sandyinblack
12 Mar 2010, 14:08
Forum: Newbie/Test
Topic: Hello from Cornwall
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Re: Hello from Cornwall

Pogoing... You're never to old to pogo...just maybe not for as long as you used to be able to.. :grin: got to have enough breath to cheer afterwards
Although I can't see anyone jumping up and down in front of Barbara D.
Enjoy the summer.
by sandyinblack
28 Feb 2010, 03:46
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Anybody but England
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Re: Anybody but England

and the joke goes.....
When England are playing their matches this summer the BBC in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be showing
the feature film 'Out Of Africa'
Oh how I laughed...
by sandyinblack
04 Feb 2010, 00:10
Forum: Contact Fans/Arrange Pre-gig piss-ups etc.
Topic: Castle for buisness again!
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Re: Castle for buisness again!

i know its a daft question, but anyone know who the support is? and if jock will bw playing them on again?
by sandyinblack
16 Jan 2010, 20:16
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Get The Stranglers Back in the Charts.....
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Re: Get The Stranglers Back in the Charts.....

Couldn't agree more. If Rage can do it for Xmas ...
Five decades in the charts would be fitting for the boys
I will spread the good word too