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by pigeon
24 Apr 2006, 12:05
Forum: For Sale/Swap/Wanted
Topic: Word Processor wanted
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i have an old Pentium 3 128 meg with everything on it word etc printer lexmark z32 still in the house in perfect condition. I've used it for the last 4 years but since i got my brand new DGM pentium 4 1.5 gig nvidia 78 gfx graphics card 100 gig harddrive i don't use the pentium 3 anymore.
by pigeon
28 Nov 2005, 21:45
Forum: For Sale/Swap/Wanted
Topic: Parr Street SIS Vid
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I just bought this on ebay last night. Been wanting to see it for a while.
by pigeon
01 Nov 2005, 20:39
Forum: For Sale/Swap/Wanted
Topic: Ebay GFTSC
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Cheers rich that was a lucky escape there :). Have given the whole ebay thing a bit of rest now as it can become quite expensive!!. Am saving up for a car instead now.
by pigeon
31 Oct 2005, 19:52
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: JJ's Shidokan karate website update
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Nice site dom. Most of the kicks and blocks are preety similar to our school. Apart from when we do back kicks our foot that kicks goes upwords instead of sideways but turing the left foot outwords is the same. I am off training to "fight Club" Tommorrow night tuesday nights rock. I am still struggl...
by pigeon
04 Oct 2005, 13:12
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Shit job.
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I don't mind my current job in the warehouse after 3 years of boredom on the shopfloor the warehouse is not that bad. Mainly cos its a big place and the part where i am at i'm mainly on my own. No one bothers me. No managers comes and hassels me as long as i get my job done they don't care. Cos its ...
by pigeon
04 Oct 2005, 13:02
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: spyware
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And when you done that install "Mozila firefox" Internet after that delete internwt explorer and your pc will be virus pop up free all year round.
by pigeon
04 Oct 2005, 12:59
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: 666 The number of the beast
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Did you know that the word "VISA" stands for 666 aswell? VI is 6 in roman numerals S is 6 in arabic and i think A is 6 in greek or something scary stuff.
by pigeon
04 Oct 2005, 12:50
Forum: Rumours
Topic: dvd box set at Christmas?
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I'll believe it when i see it. Right now i'm happy with my DVD i bought from "ebay" a few months back called "Death and night and blood" its got "Rockpalast" 1983 gig on it and recomended to anyone well worth 12 pounds plus its a 3 hour dvd so you get a lot more on it.
by pigeon
03 Oct 2005, 16:52
Forum: Newbie/Test
Topic: i just called to say hello
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Think you were standing infront of me at Sheperds bush Empire in December. If it wasent you then you have a double.
by pigeon
03 Oct 2005, 16:43
Forum: Newbie/Test
Topic: Hello from budgie!
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"BREADFAN" great song.
by pigeon
28 Sep 2005, 15:39
Forum: PunkForums Gold(en Brown)
Topic: The Ian Grant interview
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Very intresting read. I would of asked him if it was him who i saw selling the peaches deleted sleeve in January it went for 800 pounds in the end and the seller was called Ian Grant and he said he had four copies.
by pigeon
28 Sep 2005, 15:25
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Hi All.
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Hi All.

Hi All am a newbie to this forum so this is just to say hi. I was a member of the for 3 years but they banned me last night so i'm not allowed to go in their anymore. :( I found this forum from an email i got from Jim this morning can remember browsing through so i hope this is a lot ...