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by Paul
11 Jan 2004, 15:54
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Topic: WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU LOT LISTENIN TO - When it's not the fucking Stranglers??!
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Well, not having Norfolk coast I'm currently whileing away the frustration of the waiting by listening to.....
the proclaimers :cool:
by Paul
08 Oct 2003, 19:25
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Punkforums - What is punk exactly?
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I wonder if you typed "crap overated pretentious reggae" in, if you'd end up on the UB40 site?
by Paul
20 Aug 2003, 17:41
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Topic: Abusive posts
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I'm dead nosey to find out exactly why he was binned, always slightly argumentetive, but, he must have been very naughty. I'm not sticking up for him here, but I feel morally obliged to mention he was the only one to wish me happy birthday on my 40th a couple of weeks back. and I was just about to p...