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by MiB81
30 Jun 2018, 15:42
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Topic: WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU LOT LISTENIN TO - When it's not the fucking Stranglers??!
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Re: WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU LOT LISTENIN TO - When it's not the fucking Stranglers??!

Ian Broon's The Greatest album,
some hell-fire Christian Bob and, as usual,
the mighty Brown Note 8)
by MiB81
27 Jun 2018, 20:03
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Topic: The Kinks are back!
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Re: The Kinks are back!

Picked up a coupla Kinks LPs yesterday actually,
Low Budget and Think Visual. Kinda scared to listen
to them though, as I reckon they might be shite?
by MiB81
20 Jun 2018, 10:12
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Topic: Things you fecken hate..........
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Re: Things you fecken hate..........

16-17 year old drug runners on their scooters thinking they are super hard gangstas. Had a bit of an altercation with 3 of em just recently. Rude, arrogant, nasty little scumbag council estate tossers. I hope they are all involved in a massive crash/pile up and end up paralysed in wheelchairs. That...
by MiB81
12 Feb 2018, 16:22
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Topic: Vocalists voices you hate
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Re: Vocalists voices you hate

sewer rat wrote:
10 Feb 2018, 01:44
hey what about the burd from M that was an annoying voice
Sang like she had a mouth full of marbles. :evil:
by MiB81
31 Jan 2018, 18:30
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Topic: Crap Joke No.83840370
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Re: Crap Joke No.83840370

An Italian and his 6 year old son go into a clothing shop and the salesman asks if he can help. "Yes" says the father, "I'd like a nice sweater for me and a pair of trousers for my son Luigi - WITH THE BIGGA FUCKEN HEAD !', and he slaps Luigi around the head several times. Shocked by this attack the...
by MiB81
27 Jan 2018, 09:09
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Topic: Smithy
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Re: Smithy

Rest In Peace-uhh

by MiB81
21 Jan 2018, 12:16
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Topic: R.I.P. 'Fast' Eddie Clarke
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Re: R.I.P. 'Fast' Eddie Clarke

zontar wrote:
11 Jan 2018, 22:00
Bursting eardrums in the heavens, I reckon.
Everything Louder Than Everyone Else

by MiB81
12 Dec 2017, 11:51
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Topic: 2018 new albums
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Re: 2018 new albums

... the album i am most looking forward to the new Ghost album. I still regularly play 2015s "Meliora" but so far the script forthis album is that they say it has "More of an apocolyptic feel to it... Melioria was about what it is like to be controlled by Gods. For this album, Gods have been destro...
by MiB81
12 Dec 2017, 11:39
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Topic: Xmas tree preferences
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Re: Xmas tree preferences

I had a mate who once eat a Xmas tree.

He farted a cracker.
by MiB81
21 Nov 2017, 18:43
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Topic: The new Doctor Who
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Re: The new Doctor Who

Anyway, shouldn't it be Nurse Who now?

by MiB81
19 Nov 2017, 22:09
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Topic: Did Daventry really have John Lydon pinned up against the ice cream van?
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Re: Did Daventry really have John Lydon pinned up against the ice cream van?

Did this actually happen or has the story become embellished over the years? I mean I can picture JJ doing this seeing as he started this particular rumble in the first place (you all know the story) but Dave!? Needless to say this tale tickles me enormously. Thoughts and comments please. Been disc...