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by Scoot
03 Nov 2012, 08:53
Forum: Stranglers Polls
Topic: Did you buy Mercury Rising?
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Re: Did you buy Mercury Rising?

Totally agree.
by Scoot
22 Feb 2012, 21:15
Forum: Contact Fans/Arrange Pre-gig piss-ups etc.
Topic: Missing In Action
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Re: Missing In Action

Interesting topic, this. Scary in a way to contemplate what may have happened to a few of them because I think for practically all of us, we have 'the stranglers' in our blood. It was through this forum that I got to meet Yellowcake at Cambridge a few years ago and it was a real thrill to actually m...
by Scoot
21 Feb 2012, 14:21
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: "brother" John Robb
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Re: "brother" John Robb

Me, too. He was flawless at the convention and clearly hugely passionate about the band. As far as I am concerned, he is a legend. Scott.
by Scoot
09 Feb 2012, 10:23
Forum: Other Bands
Topic: Best Intros to songs from other bands
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Re: Best Intros to songs from other bands

Sweet Gene Vincent - Ian Dury
by Scoot
26 Apr 2011, 20:27
Forum: Other Bands
Topic: R.I.P. POLY STYRENE (1957 - 2011)
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Re: R.I.P. POLY STYRENE (1957 - 2011)

Same sentiments here as everyone else. Truly unique and an integral part of my youth. Scott.
by Scoot
15 Mar 2008, 12:27
Forum: Other Bands
Topic: Siouxsie
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I don't mind if I'm feeling someone who's in their 40's or 50's these days! As long as I feel summat..... Saw Siouxsie on Monday at Shepherd's Bush. Must admit that last time I saw her was back at The Rainbow, I think, in about 1981 and whilst I liked her music I was never that keen either so don't...
by Scoot
04 Jan 2008, 22:10
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Dreamtime on Eastenders
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Re: Dreamtime on Eastenders

Did anyone notice that while Denise was selecting music for Kevin's funeral, whilst playing Ghosts by the Jam, there was also a CD copy of Dreamtime in front of her too? :lol: :shock: I saw it, too, sadly! Apparently 'Kevin' (RIP) was a huge 'stranglers' fan and a bit of a punk because they were re...
by Scoot
17 Oct 2007, 19:58
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: new drummer - what do you think?
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Bang on!!!!!! Scott. the problem is only with people who cannot except change. imho they would carry on and it would still be the stranglers but not in some people's mind. i think ive "excepted" change quite a lot over 30 years now i will be 47 in 2 weeks time and been a fan since i was "sweet 16" a...
by Scoot
14 Oct 2007, 22:39
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: new drummer - what do you think?
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by the way the new drummer on the belgian tour is called neil. sorry. i can imagine the stranglers with this line-up. where's the problem? probably the gigs will be more powerful with a young drummer than with jet. Where's the problem???!!! Well, there's the mighty Jet for one. I know we live in a ...
by Scoot
24 Sep 2007, 20:49
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Kings X Today
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Kings X Today

Hi, any one of you the guy wearing the Norfolk Coast T-shirt at Kings X today. Made my day - wanted to stop and say hallo but in a bit of a rush, I'm afraid! Scott.
by Scoot
06 Sep 2007, 21:03
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: I want to build a website
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Actually building a website? How very 90s! :lol: Jim Jim's right. Building them is fun but it helps when you know some coding even when using packages such as Dreamweaver. Many people now use sites such as myspace for their web presence as there are no uploading hassles; also, there seem to be load...
by Scoot
05 Sep 2007, 22:15
Forum: Rumours
Topic: Silent Witness
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Waking The Dead - fantastic series, superlative acting. Scott. Missed this one unfortunately. Very good, keep getting it mixed up with Waking The Dead though. Which one of these 2 shows had an episode with a storyline about a serial killer with a fetish of strangling women whilst holding them under ...