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by Alex
03 Oct 2007, 19:19
Forum: For Sale/Swap/Wanted
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Roundhouse tickets?

Evenin all!

Not been here for a long, long time.........

How is everyone?

Look, I've got a problem.......... I REALLY REALLY need two tix for the roundhoose, anybody help?
by Alex
29 Jun 2006, 09:06
Forum: Stranglers Polls
Topic: Best b side
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mccardigan wrote:I voted Shut Up but Norman is a close second.

by Alex
13 Jan 2005, 23:03
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Prince Harry in Nazi costume
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Alenyx wrote:as I said I think it's only provocation...
I think it was a fancy dress party, that's all.
by Alex
13 Jan 2005, 22:53
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: The Nazi joke club - 47 Million Europeans cant be wrong
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Don't Bring Harry! :D I gotta split a very big hair ere. Harry did not have a Nazi Swastika emblazoned on his arm. The "Swastika" originated in Tibet, it is a symbol of peace, love and "one-ness" with our Earth, it can be seen in many Tibetan scriptures, sculptures and Temples. I think it is meant ...
by Alex
11 Jan 2005, 10:17
Forum: Rumours
Topic: Hope this is only a rumour
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:wanker: :wanker: :wanker: if jj or paul is reading this - for fucks sake NO! :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: ........ but if Jet, Dave or Baz is reading this - Great idea! :D Nah, it's bollocks. I've seen the promo posters fer this scary muthafookin tour and the lAdz ain't on it. Give 'em some cr...
by Alex
01 Jan 2005, 18:38
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Best album of 2004
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raveninblack wrote:that U2 album isn't that good....Virtigo is the only decent track on it.

Shoulda had AmId on there!!
Yeh, had great hopes fer that. Vertigo is a cool track but it all goes a bit limp after that. If I fight off my NC biasedness my vote goes to Green Day n all.
by Alex
24 Dec 2004, 19:53
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Merry Xmas Cnuts!
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Yeh, all wot everyone else said, bah humbug!

Been away for a while, cheers for the welcome back you CiB'S!

Enjoy yourselves. :notworthy:
by Alex
14 Dec 2004, 22:17
Forum: PunkForums Gold(en Brown)
Topic: diary of a support band - Goldblade strangled year part 1
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Cheers John! :notworthy:

Kick ass band (live & in the studio), great numbers, top notch album, pure Power of Rock n Roll, 'ave some o this!
by Alex
14 Dec 2004, 21:58
Forum: PunkForums Gold(en Brown)
Topic: Daves Keyboard Rig: A History - D'ya wanna blow ya hymen?
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gizzard wrote:
theraven1979 wrote:Nice one fella - I know absolutely nothing about keyboards but didn`t he use one called a "Wasp" ? Also, what was the one in the WWTW vid?


A toy one by the looks out it!

Yeh, if you look closely at the vid, all the keys are drawn on with a felt tip!
by Alex
14 Dec 2004, 21:50
Forum: Stranglers Polls
Topic: Worst Stranlgers recorded moment EVER - got the idea from a thread
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gizzard wrote:Shut up.

I too like Motorbike...
Nah man! Shut Up is fookin marvellous Giz! :;):

Something, Hitman, Poisonality, Love Shack..... errr I mean Let's Celebrate.
Same era, same album (apart from one, but it's pretty close innit fer fooks sake) all signs of a band in it's dying throes.
by Alex
09 Dec 2004, 16:03
Forum: Contact Fans/Arrange Pre-gig piss-ups etc.
Topic: Shepards Bush...... - bit early?....................I know!
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Can't make this one, you're all just gonna have to cope by youselves I'm afraid.

Was meant to be going to Plymouth tonight :(
What was all that about then?
by Alex
24 Aug 2004, 01:54
Forum: Rumours
Topic: Another Date - Plymouth again
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Anyone else heard about the possibility of a gig on 9.12.04 in Plymouth? (Yes, day before SBE) No, but I've just wet me pants coz I can't make SBE this time due to commitments........ but I live in Plymouth!! Cheers Karen! Long live the MiB, they always think of me! :D :pissedagain: :notworthy: