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by glasgeo
22 Feb 2016, 21:20
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1st gig Glasgow Apollo Nov 81- I was in the circle and was a bit disappointed overall. Remember it was recorded for Radio Clyde and the La Folie letters moving about on the stage. I remember thinking they were posers going through the motions a bit. Then I caught them again in 1985 only this time in...
by glasgeo
06 Mar 2011, 15:58
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Topic: Edinburgh 6th March 2011
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Edinburgh 6th March 2011

Really looking forward to tonights gig. I'll be going with my son and 2 older daughters both of whom are attending their first Stranglers gig.
by glasgeo
13 Jul 2007, 00:35
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Topic: Bernard Manning - Dead!
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I like my arguments to have a sense of structure & not just a knee jerk, thoughtless outpouring, however in this instance the only thing that springs to mind is that your point above is quite probably the most stupid thing I've ever read. Steveareno.[/quote] I really didn't want to add to the commen...
by glasgeo
11 Jul 2007, 15:36
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Topic: Bernard Manning - Dead!
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Y'know you have 100s of black comics going "Y'know the white man - he walk like dis" - no one flinches an eyelid. Yeah, but with respect Jim, the white man isn't subjected to racicial discrimination in Britain. We haven't had any of the rubbish which has been directed @ immigrants & their families ...
by glasgeo
11 Jul 2007, 15:09
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Topic: Liz,s Site......
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Yes a bit of a mystery. Lets hope the Lizard lets us know what's happened. Maybe he didn't pay a renewal on the domain name. Time will tell though i hope it's only gone temporarily.
by glasgeo
10 Jul 2007, 16:19
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Topic: Best Stranglers Gig Opener
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5 minutes is a cracker but i'd like to see Tank. Also loved Norfolk Coast.
by glasgeo
21 Sep 2006, 00:19
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Topic: Best track on Suite 16
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Re: Best track on Suite 16

saminblack wrote:OK guys now everyone is tucking into their oh so suite new album I thought I would get early impressions.

So what is the best track then on first few hearings?

Relentless closely followed by Bless You
by glasgeo
20 Sep 2006, 09:17
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Toiler On The Sea wrote:Come on Becca, it's 7:15am, where's the review/set list and pictures?

Only joking, hope you had a fantastic night, I'm really looking forward to tonight( the gig, not the drive).
Review and setlist at under All Things Stranglers then Inverness :smile:
by glasgeo
20 Apr 2006, 17:58
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Alias wrote:Jesus- it was just a joke! :grin:
Maybe i've missed something as i've been absent for awhile but is there an area on this site for discussing the band?

It seemsas though Hugh is now the main act on here. :?:
by glasgeo
05 Oct 2005, 00:10
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Topic: Killing Joke Hmmmm.
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Must've saw them 8 or 9 times over the years but not recently. Live they are raw energy-excellent. Favourite albums Night Time + Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Pandemonium wasn't too bad either.
by glasgeo
30 Dec 2004, 00:48
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Topic: Wickerman Festival
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Looks like they will be playing and a first it would for the band in this part of Britain unless i'm mistaken. Young local punk 3 piece(containing 2 Stranglers fans) PAGE4? are hoping to play this festival and have arranged a petition at this site to help them get on the same bill as one of their i...
by glasgeo
29 Nov 2004, 22:46
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Topic: OK, so who are your second favourites? - I mewnawe all knwo the first...
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Very difficult. 2nd Magazine closely followed INPO by Killing Joke and The Clash

Modern- Muse